ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology

Reporting to national and provincial government

EZ & Drenthe

On April 16th, members of the Dome steering board and scientific directorate presented the third annual progress report to representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of Drenthe. Those who attended said it was a positive and productive gathering.

During the meeting, Marco de Vos, managing director at ASTRON and member of the Dome steering board, said: “The best chances for this region lie in a centre of excellence concerning high-performance computing and big data including more topics than radio astronomy alone. Dutch politics will have to set new aims, shooting for top quality, otherwise our economy will rapidly self-destruct.”

IBM’s Alexander Brink, president of the steering board, added: “If we want IBM Research to continue investing in Dutch society, providing the time and knowledge of their world-class researchers, solid financial commitment from Dutch government is essential. We need to make some choices here, with science alliances as a driving force behind innovation and economic progress.”

A wide range of topics was discussed, including progress on microservers and RDMA, ERCET and the Dome Users Platform, which will soon greet another new member.