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Users Platform meeting Microserver

The development of the first 10 samples of the DOME –Micro server is still on track, which means that samples are expected to be available in April 2015. On January 22nd a milestone was passed, proving that the micro server is capable to run Linux, see:

Because of questions from interested users who develop their applications on Windows the option of applying a “virtual box” is under discussion.

There will be an opportunity for interested users to start a micro server project in the second quarter of 2015. A template to submit proposals can be send to Daniela Mikkers before 15 March, 2015. The template can be downloaded here: NL, ENG. The Evaluation form can be downloaded here.

In case you need support in definition and submission of the proposals please contact Daniela Mikkers; the DOME team also offers the opportunity to have targeted sessions. Also for this support you can contact Daniela Mikkers. At the DOME face-to-face meeting in March we have reserved two time-slots for Users Platform concept creation interactions. These sessions are scheduled for Thursday March 26th, 15:30-17:30 and 19:30 21:30 at ASTRON in Dwingeloo. Please let Daniela know if you would to attend one of these or both.

The proposals will be prioritized according to criteria around leveraging the uniqueness of the micro server, the business opportunity, innovation level and alignment with the strategic agenda of the north of the Netherlands. For alignment with the strategic agenda of the north of the Netherlands we adopted some criteria from EFRON –subsidies. It is an open issue whether projects should apply for such funding or not but if there is such an opportunity it would make the proposal more feasible to get going.

More specific: The following criteria will be applied (Weighing factors per criterion are indicated between brackets. Each criterion will be rated at a scale from 0-10 points):


1.       The application leverages the unique properties of the DOME –Micro server (30%):

a.      Compactness

b.      High processing capability at low energy consumption

c.     Possibility to operate in a warm environment by water cooling or air cooling

d.      Possibility to combine multiple micro servers to a “data-center-in-a-box”

2.      The application is likely to create a number of new jobs (25%)

a.       Preferably in the North of the Netherlands (max. 10 points for criterion 2)

b.      Elsewhere in the Netherlands (max. 7 points for criterion 2)

3.    Because of the nature of the application it may support the innovation agenda of the northern Netherlands (10%)

a.   Increased availability of human capital because the application develops skills

b.      Stimulates know how at small and medium enterprises

c.       Stimulates innovation aimed at CO2 –reduction

d.      Supports Health or “Healthy Aging”

e.      Supports Food Security, sustainable agriculture and bio-economy

f.        Supports clean and safe water supply

g.       Supports clean and efficient energy themes

4.      The application leads to products or services that can be sold in a worldwide market (20%)

5.       The application leads to cross-overs / trans-sectorial cooperation (10%)

a.      The application stimulates multiple companies to organize into tenders for development and organization of the complete supply chain.

b.      Project size/investments of joint company efforts is between €300.000 and €1.800.000

6.       The application can be brought into a test-environment during the second half of 2015 (5%)


Criteria 3-6 are both supportive from a DOME –perspective and from an EFRON –subsidy perspective. For CO2 –reduction maximum subsidy is 35%, for other items mentioned at criterion 3 the maximum subsidy amounts 30%.