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Microserver, modelling and idea generation

Dome Users Platform Event

Last Wednesday, we had a very successful Dome Users Platform Event where a select group of entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes challenged the Dome team to help them overcome technological restraints, thus paving the road for new and interesting business opportunities through collaborative R&D.

The day started with lunch and the opportunity to get to know each other. After lunch it was time for the first plenary sessions in the Van de Hulst auditorium. Speakers like Ton Engbersen and Rolf Clauberg gave an update on novel technologies and new computing approaches that are being developed within Dome.

Overwiew plenary session

After the plenary sessions, our guests took part in the two out of three interactive sessions they were most interested in. These sessions were hosted by Ton Engbersen, Rolf Clauberg and Ad Vermeulen respectively.

Rolf Clauberg shed some more light on the microserver, which is still in the process of being finetuned. Those who joined Ton Engbersen got to learn more about modelling. Participants were very keen to learn how big data can actually grow their business and Mr. Engbersen was able to share some highly practical do’s and don’ts in that respect. In Ad Vermeulen’s productive session, he challenged his audience to combine business ideas with Dome’s technological innovations. New ideas were generated and captured for further exploration. We are already looking forward to the interesting collaborations and projects that may follow.

Interactive session Ton Engbersen

During the final plenary session, results from the interactive sessions were summarized. Many interesting ideas were discussed and it certainly gave the Dome team some new perspectives to consider. After all this food for thought, drinks and snacks were a welcome ending to the afternoon.

A big thank you to all who were able to attend the Dome Users Platform Event. We will keep you posted about any future get-togethers.


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