ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology

Users Platform

In the ASTRON & IBM Center for Exascale Technology we will be carrying out excellent Research in breakthrough technologies in three main research area's: Green Computing, Nano-photonics and Data and Streaming:

In each of these three area's smaller projects have been defined as shown above which will focus of particular aspects of the three main research streams. In leveraging ASTRON's experience of the LOFAR project and with the iconic SKA telescope at the horizon as our target, we expect a steady stream of new development and insights to be created at the Center and with help of the scientists at IBM's Research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland.
Through the integrated User Platform of the Center, we will make the developed knowledge available to local small- and medium enterprises in the Netherlands, with a special focus, but not limited to, the northern three provinces: Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen, and selected knowledge institutes as appropriate. In fact, a first collaboration through the Users Platform with SKA South-Africa is being established. In addition we seek:

  • Student Projects through Knowledge Institutes,
  • We will organize a steady stream of events:
    • Expose - Immersion Courses
    • Connect - Brainstorm Sessions
    • Involve - Technology Challenges
  • Research Collaborations with companies and Knowledge partners.

Please watch the right pane for Expose announcements and use the appropriate form below the announcements to register for an event.
Research collaborations with companies through the Users Platform require a clear definition of scope and objectives, relevant to the partner and the Center. There should be a relevant (typically in kind) investment from the partner and there will be no formal funding possible through the Center. We will however support e.g. facility sharing and support acquiring innovation funding.
Research collaborations with knowledge centers are typically meant to broaden the research plan of the Center and can take the form of supporting graduation of the PhD candidates which work in the Center.


A short film about the Users Platform showed three companies (DySi, S [&] T and Flexicator) already involved in DOME (film is in Dutch and takes about 5 minutes). Credits image: Harm-Jan Stiepel, ASTRON.